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This leading provider of engineering, construction, and technical services company required a 175 desk install for this location.
Step one
A site visit was arranged by the project manager of L&TA in Sheffield to meet and discuss the plans for the new office installation for their new Birmingham office. Hard hats and steel toe cap boots were required as the the building was being took back to it's shell.
Step two
Planning meetings
Step three
Trip to manufacturers to discuss and view best fit furniture as per plans
Step four

Sample furniture delivered to excisting site to introduce to staff

Step five

Meetings to discuss and solve issues /concerns arising from first viewing of desking systems prior to full install

Step six
Design and manufacture new personal storage lockers to allow for complete hot desking throughout
Step seven
Trip back to new location to proof read architects final measurements as per plan
Step eight
Final meeting with install team and electricians
Step nine
Full installation including IT, total time 3 days
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